An illustrated guide to zombies… in LEGO

What perfect timing! Today is Halloween, and I just happened to stumble across a blog called Bricks of the Dead. It’s main thrust is an ongoing epic zombie webcomic filmed in Lego-vision. I had a quick look at the first few episodes. My son was very impressed. I would ask him for a comment but he’s out trick-or-treating right now.

Go take a look

Maybe one day we’ll have a Lego version of Death Flu!

And here’s a toy that came free with The Sun newspaper today. It goes really fast.



[update] Elliot asked where the pirates and knights have gone. Well, speaking as a member of Lego Club Jr. (on behalf of my son, honestly) I can say they’re still there, but relegated to the occasional appearance. Lego seems to bring out new series and then discontinue them after a couple of years. They’ve just done that with the alien invasion series, which I was rather hoping my son would get into. But you needn’t fear Lego zombies nibbling your extremities because there are some Lego heroes to battle the monsters. Here they are now, looking very steampunk.

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5 Responses to An illustrated guide to zombies… in LEGO

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  2. Elliot Halberg says:

    lol what happened to pirates and knights and stuff like that with legos? If the lego zombies start to nibble on anything I’n out of here.

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