The Horror of FantasyCon

We’re busy readying releases for launch and for our trip to FantasyCon in Brighton, England later in the month. We won’t be the only publisher there by any means, Pendragon Press being one of our fellow publishers present. Now, it was Pendragon who first published Mark West’s ghostly novelette The Mill as part of the anthology We Fade to Grey, a book which has won many fine reviews, and was nominated for the British Fantasy Society Award in 2009.

Pendragon have recently announced they still have signed hardback copies of We Fade to Grey, and have reduced their prices. You can buy both The Mill and We Fade to Grey at FantasyCon. If you wave your copy (having had it signed by the author, naturally) around Chris Teague or at the Pendragon book launch, Mark says you might get a further discount.

Hopefully this is good news for TheBronteSister who recently reviewed The Mill at her excellent review site, but was left wondering whether the entire anthology would have been more satisfying.

Mark West is a little greedy in my opinion, because his short fiction is getting published in so many places over the next few months that I’ve given up trying to keep track of it all. I do remember that Mark’s ghost story in the NewCon Press/ Un:Bound anthology Hauntings will be launched in print at FantasyCon, possibly because NewCon have the launch slot after us on FantasyCon Sunday. Also, by some quirk of coincidence, I built the Kindle version, which is already available.

You can see Mark West reading from his Hauntings story at the Un:Bound video event here:


Talking of anthologies and collections… stay tuned for a surprise announcement.


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