Fantastic Fall

Fantastic Fall

During the summer we’ve been busy readying some fantastic fiction for your reading pleasure. To make it easy to see what’s coming and what’s arrived, we’ve created a dedicated page which we’ll update with the latest news.

In the Greyhart Press calendar, fall begins with our first set of book launches on Sept 30th (Greyhart Press is not based in your reality, so our calendars don’t exactly align).

“In the Rain with the Dead” (an edgy horror novel by Mark West)

In the Rain with the Dead
In the Rain with the Dead

Ten years after the incident with the Ouija board, Nadia and Jim meet at a friend’s funeral and fall in love again. This  time their love is will be real and lasting. But their friend had raised from the dead a disciple of Satan named Magellan. When he smells the purity of Jim and Nadia’s affection, his master orders him to rend and corrupt their love. Magellan obeys with relish.

In the Rain with the Dead is both  a horror novel and a romance set in the tired English town of Gaffney. But be warned, this is not a vampire-lite paranormal romance. Satan’s undead disciple is pure evil; there are a few very strong scenes indeed!

“Terminus” (a space opera/ horror novel by Paul Melhuish)


Sii Terminus is a space-gannta, a loser crewing deep-space freighters whose best friend is a bottle of snakki. Until one day he is chosen to command an unusual mission to ferry a diplomat to the obscure, dead world of Thanatos One. Except the planet is not as dead as it seems, and Terminus has not been chosen by accident.

Hammer Horror meets Aliens in this fast-paced tale of horror, love, and betrayal, where the fate of all humanity rests on the actions of an anti-hero with a hangover. If you liked Babel, you will love this.


“Last Man Through the Gate” (a science fiction novella by Tim C Taylor)

Last Man Through the Gate
Last Man Through the Gate

Codrin has money, even status. A professor, no less. Not bad considering he’s only a Shreb. Until one day he loses it all, and has no choice but to gamble his family’s fate on a one-way ticket across the Gate to a new life on another world.

Except there is something wrong with the Gate…

Steampunk collides with time-travel to inspire this story of isolation, hope, and revelation.

 “Like some hybrid of Van Vogt and Charles Harness, Tim C. Taylor surprises us with worlds at strange angles to ours, and to each other, in a delicious piece of writing which ramps up excitingly through time distortions, grief, conflict, and peril, to paradoxical revelation. An excellent and provocative read.” — Ian Watson on Last Man Through the Gate

“The Mill” (a spooky novelette by Mark West)

Michael struggles to come to terms with the death of his wife. He has visions of her calling to him, inviting him to the beyond. At the Bereaved Partners’ Group, he learns that he is not the only one left behind who can hear the departed beckon them… to the Mill.


I think these books have some stunning cover art. Some of the covers have come from award-winning artist Andy Bigwood, who also produced the new ‘Greyhart band’ on the left. We’re still experimenting with ideas for artwork. At present I’m thinking of  having the new logo on the left for novellas and novels, and the original top and bottom banded look for shorts and novelettes. Hopefully, that will help to tell you something important about the book at a glance.

To see a selection of Andy Bigwood’s artwork, check out his page on deviantART


More horror by author Mark West.

Legends of Light: Epic high fantasy in six poems by Gill Shutt

New fantasy and science fiction short stories, a novelette, and a novella by another new Greyhart author…

About Tim C. Taylor

Tim C. Taylor writes science fiction and is the author of 21 published novels as of August 2021. His latest book is 'Hold the Line', published by Theogony Books. Find out more at
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