Flash Free Event! Fantasy adventure on Kindle

Tellus_Bk1_200px_96dpiFor fantastic Kindle adventure, download Memories & Murder, the first book in The Lineage of Tellus today. It’s a free Kindle download from Amazon  today and tomorrow (July 18th & 19th).

“The story and characters are so real and likeable…as they go from one crisis to another that you can’t help but get involved.”5-star Amazon review

Download now from Amazon by following this link.

Or find out more here.

It’s wonderful when authors you admired in your pre-writing days take notice of your work and offer genuine praise. And when your writing hero likes your first book… well! That’s special indeed. But that’s what happened to Lola, the author of Memories & Murder. More on that next month, when a major writing star gives Memories & Murder a thumbs up on his website. But for now… congratulations, Lola!


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Daughters of Babylon – out now at special launch price!

Lovers of Kate Mosse’s Carcassonne historical mysteries, and Gabriel García Márquez’s One Hundred Years of Solitude, aren’t often linked but today they are. Devotees of both authors will rejoice in Daughters of Babylon, the spellbinding new novel by Elaine Stirling. Get it now while it’s at a special launch price. Hurry, this offer won’t last long!

‘Daughters of Babylon’, a literary historical mystery spiced with Latin American magical realism.

“Sometimes, the only way to the future is through the present of someone else’s past.”

Confused? So is Silvina Kestral when she agrees to clear out the house of an eccentric dead actress amidst the ruins of a medieval priory in the French Pyrenees. Speaking of confusion, who were the Daughters of Babylon, and what does a tall dark stranger in the attic have to do with Creation’s mightiest secrets? To find out, you’d have to ask either a Mexican cane cutter with a party of witches and a sense of rhyme, or a 19-year-old, badly married queen named Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Problem is, where to start? And once started, what if the task never, ever ends…

Out now for Kindle: getbook.at/babylon

Out now in paperback: getbook.at/babylon_pb

Literary historical mysteries, split-timeline puzzle mysteries: whatever term you choose to label them, the ability of these genre-blending books to trap the reader in a labyrinth of intrigue and wonder has won them many fans in recent years. With Daughters of Babylon, Elaine Stirling pushes to the front rank of literary mystery authors.

Crusader battles in the Holy Land, painful love affairs and courtly romance, a remote French community not far from Carcassonne where events in the time of Eleanor of Aquitaine still resonate powerfully today: some of the ingredients of Daughters of Babylon might appear familiar at first. But spiced with Gabo-style Mesoamerican magical realism courtesy of the Mexican nagual and his witches, the resulting brew has a rich flavor unique to this book.

Three timelines appear at first to be faint echoes of each other, but as we begin to learn from the understanding of cyclical deep time known to the Incas, Aztecs and Mayans, we see that at some level these times are not separated at all.

And the links between these times have been induced for a noble purpose; they are not coincidences, nor contrived ‘leakage’ across time due to a dramatic event. This book describes a maniobra, a magical deep time maneuver of extraordinary complexity.

One that continues to this day.

Out now for Kindle: getbook.at/babylon

Out now in paperback: getbook.at/babylon_pb

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Best wishes to our American readers on Independence Day

Happy 4th July from all of us at Greyhart Press!

Although we’re based in a little English village called Bromham, when you consider all the authors, editors, cover artists, and beta readers who contribute to our books, our wider team is also operating out of Switzerland, Jordan, the Gulf States, Scotland, Wales, and Canada. We’ve even had a little help from Zambia. But most of the Greyhart team is based in the USA.

Of course, the most important individuals in the entire Greyhart story are the readers. Around 90% of our readers are American. What Thomas Jefferson would make of this international setup 238 years after the Declaration of Independence, I don’t know. I suspect he would feel pleased.

And to our readers and contributors in the US, today we thank you for your support!



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How can the president stop terrorists from bombing the US mainland?

ToFreeASpy2Answer? By freeing black ops spy Cam Warfield to do what the FBI and CIA cannot.

Find out more in the kindle edition of author Nick Ganaway’s thriller ‘To Free a Spy‘, which is available at the bargain price of 99c / ~77p all this week from amazon.

Follow this link to find the Kindle edition on Amazon, or this link to read more about the book.

“This is one of the best I’ve read. Obviously well researched and well written. The surprises kept coming; really got my heart pumping.” — extract from one of the many 5-star reviews for Nick’s book on amazon.com

You don’t need a Kindle device to read the Kindle edition! For Android and iOS users, get the Kindle app in the app store. You can also get the free reader apps for Mac and Windows here 

The book is also available in paperback and other eBook editions.

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Daughters of Babylon… cover reveal

DaughtersofBabylon_ebook_final_smallArtist Karri Klawiter has delivered a perfect cover for our forthcoming mystery/ historical/ magical realism novel Daughters of Babylon. If you think of Kate Mosse’s bestseller, Labyrinth, add in Eleanor of Aquitaine and spice it up with Mexican mysticism, then… well, you’re starting to get mentally prepared for this treat by Elaine Stirling.

That symbol on the shield is one you will see in the book, linking the present to the distant past through a mystical place cradled by the Pyrenees called Reine du Ciel  ( Queen of Heaven). The squashed diamonds, by the way, are properly called ‘lozenges’, and were a common crusader symbol.

Expect to hear plenty more about Daughters of Babylon in the near future.


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Busy like bees…

It’s all go at Greyhart Towers! Firstly, congratulations to Lauren J. Hasbrouck, whose fantasy novel The Lineage of Tellus#1: Memories & Murder has been available for free for the past three days. That promotion has now closed, but not before Lauren topped the amazon.com ‘bestseller’ charts for free fantasy romance novels. Well done, Lauren.

Some people have been disappointed that they missed the promotion period. It’s not actually within our power to extend the free promotion but we’ve reduced the price for a day or so to 99 cents, so that more people can help themselves to the Tellus goodness.

We have other books still on free promotion, including literary science fiction novel, The Death of the Wave  [see this post for details]

Work is also going on today to finish the artwork for mystery/ historical/ magical realism novel Daughters of Babylon. If you think of Kate Mosse’s bestseller, Labyrinth, add in Eleanor of Acquitaine and spice it up with Mexican mysticism, then I guess you’re in the right ballpark.

Once I’ve posted this, I’m back to editing  the sequel to Bob Atkinson’s bestseller, The Last Sunset. Much as I loved the first book. The sequel is even better.

Finally, the Greyhart livery was looking a little stale, so I’ve put in a shiny new site banner. Hope you like it.



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If you like literary science fiction, download The Death of the Wave FREE today

Our literary science fiction novel of a dystopian future America is free to download from Amazon from today through Saturday.

Get it now by following this link


Following the fall of the modern world, the State of Eden is divided into two distinct classes that all adolescents must test into. Students with math and science aptitude enjoy a high quality of living and technology in the Palaces, but in the Camps, students with artistic and verbal abilities must scrounge to survive.

Breaker 256, a policewoman who was born into poverty, had always followed the rules for the sake of her family. But when the unthinkable upends her world forever, she is faced with an irrevocable decision: take down the State, and face defeat, anarchy, and death, or stand idly by to watch the sufferings of all of that she cares for.

TheDeathoftheWave2Written in stark, unrhymed verse that reflects the desolate world of Eden, The Death of the Wave  asks what is most important —is it the person who tells the tale or the fact that the story has been told at all?

The Death of the Wave will delight aficionados of dystopian futures and literary science fiction.

Get it now by following this link


Today is also your last chance to download a free copy of our steamy fantasy adventure romance: The Lineage of Tellus1: Murders & Mystery.

Follow this link for the adventure…

Repository Logo Concise02 200px 150dpi

Also, over at our sister imprint, The Repository of Imagination, today is the last day to download the wizarding adventure for children: Wizards’ Kingdom [follow this link to the wizards],  and today and tomorrow you can download for free a mini-collection of YA science fiction and fantasy short stories curated by the mysterious Crustias Scattermush [follow this link for these ‘Tales from the Repository’]

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