Bridge of Blood (novel)

Out now in paperback from ($12)  & (£8).  Kindle edition from  | at $2.99/ £1.99.

ePUB edition available from Smashwords

“It’s full of menace and suspense with shocks and horror punching their way through the pages.” — online review

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Who will be the demon’s next victim?

»        The terrorist leader with his network of informers, who has the power to murder or kidnap anyone in Northern Ireland?

»        The convent girl who fishes an old relic from the river near the bridge?

»        The former Special Investigations Squad sergeant who led an armed mission that went disastrously wrong?

»        The missionary priest and exorcist who spreads the word through the jungles of South America, before his weaknesses are discovered and he is sent back to Ireland in disgrace?

»        The detective inspector who falls in love with her new sergeant?

After 350 years of imprisonment, the demon, Laldaboth, is free to terrorise Ireland. Who will succumb to demonic possession and who will resist and fight?

Purity of heart is no ward against this demon… purity is delicious temptation…

“He tells his story well, with outstanding prose, and that skill is as rare as hens’ teeth” – online review

“…full of menace and suspense with shocks and horror punching their way through the pages…” 5-stars *****

“I am not usually a fan of horror fiction, but this author’s writing style hooked me.” 5-stars *****

“… couldn’t put it down until I had read it from cover to cover.” 5-stars *****


18 Dec. 2012: Bridge of Blood published today. See the press release

09 Oct 2012 – Philip McCormac talks about Bridge of Blood

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