About Bridge of Blood

About Bridge of Blood

by Philip McCormac

The bizarre has always fascinated me for I was brought up in the Roman Catholic Church which reminds me of the story of the two bags of boke who meet outside a church and one says to the other:

“The porch of this chapel is of great sentimental significance to me?” So his friend asks why. To which the first bag of boke replies, “I was brought up there.”

The fantastical stories of the Bible contain an amazing plethora of bizarre stories relating to Heaven & Hell and over the centuries the devil has been the villain in many horror stories. In the last few years there have been several films based on possession which is usually taken to mean a situation whereby a demon takes control of a person or persons.

The most famous of these films is of course – THE EXORCIST [1973] and a few years back it was reissued for a whole new generation of viewers. Some critics voted it the scariest horror movie of all time.

As a precursor to this novel I wrote a teen fantasy LANCE OF LIGHT which I published on Kindle. This features the demon beast described in the last book of the New Testament – The Book of Revelation. Most of you must be familiar with the famous quote. “And the number of the beast is 666.” Well that’s the one.

I tried to describe the beast in graphic detail. I hope I scared a few teens with that one but then again maybe some adults read the book and were scared.

Do you believe in the occult? There are millions around the world that do. If you think God exists in some form or other or that there is a supernatural world then you are one of those believers. When was the last time you were scared by some unexplained event? Did you hear a noise in the night that had no logical explanation? Did you think you saw something which you could not explain? Over the years some unexplained incidents have happened to me. I will relate only one.

I was visiting a friend and, when I walked into his house, he was standing by the fireplace. Momentarily his face melted away and I could see his skull gaping at me. It was as if my eyes were out of focus and I blinked a few times to clear this weird effect. After a moment or two his face returned to normal. It frightened me and he noticed my reaction and asked if I was all right. I said I felt a bit dizzy so he made me a cup of tea. A month later he was dead.

I never mentioned this incident to anyone till years later I wrote a short story based on it. I still shudder when I think on it.

The incident of the slaughter on the bridge at Portadown is an historical fact. In 1641 there was a general rising all over all of Ireland against the English and many atrocities were committed on both sides. The story intrigued me and it was while reading accounts of the massacre that the idea of a novel began to take place.

The times were savage and we look back and shudder to think of the barbarity of the age. But consider our own time. The Balkans, the Middle East and many African countries to mention but a few – the fighting and atrocities go on and on. Nothing much has changed. I suddenly thought: what drives people to commit such violent acts? What if there was a malevolent presence spitefully pervading peoples’ minds and making them act in such a manner? So I selected one such demon from amongst the profusion of these supernatural beings – Laldaboth. [For your own curiosity Google him]. He’s there all right. He’s maybe watching you right now. I only hope I have not roused his interest in me.

Huh! What was that! Is there anyone there? Hello…

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