Philip McCormac

While running an electrical wholesale company Philip began writing fiction as a respite from his business activities and had short horror published in various magazines. He even wrote a series of articles on New Age Philosophy which was published in Burning Issues, now defunct. One day he came across an article on writing westerns and wrote HOT SPUR using the pseudonym Elliot James which was his grandson’s name.

Black Horse Westerns accepted the book and since then Philip has had 13 westerns published under P. McCormac and various pennames. The most recent, WILD JUSTICE, published in 2012.

In December 2010 a crime thriller, MacLean, was published by Robert Hale, London.

Earlier in 2012 he published a teen fantasy LANCE OF LIGHT on Kindle and is quite proud of the front cover which he designed.

THE RATTLESNAKE KID was also published the same year by

LEAVES OF BLOOD was published on Kindle in 2012 and is a story set during the American Civil War.

Writing is an obsession with Philip and there is always a full programme of writing ongoing.

Visit Philip online at 


Philip’s first book with us will be Bridge of Blood, a supernatural thriller featuring police detectives and an anti-hero priest battling a demon who terrorises Ireland.

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