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Q: I have a Kindle and I am Canadian/ Vietnamese/ German etc. Can I still get your ebooks?

A: (Summary) Yes, you can, though please consider that we only publish English-language stories (unless someone wants to offer to translate!). For UK customers, there is a native Kindle Store at Other, non-American, customers can buy their Kindle devices and Kindle books from the American Kindle Store at UPDATE Dec11: Amazon recently rolled out Kindle Stores native to Germany, France, Italy & Spain. More will follow…

Q: Do you only support the Kindle?

A: (Summary) No, we support all major formats. For more detail click here.

Q: How do I get your stories onto my Kindle or other reader device?

A: (Summary) Follow the links on our site to the retailer sites and follow the instructions there. For more detail click here.

Q: Which retail sites distribute your e-books?

A: (Summary) We publish directly to the Amazon Kindle Store and to Smashwords. Smashwords then distribute to most major retail sites but there can be a delay of at least a month before coming available. For more detail click here.

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